I am a naturalist and a conservationist, and one of my passions is scuba diving! I’ve been diving for over 30 years and about 10 years ago, I started into underwater photography. I wanted to capture these images of underwater-life so I could enjoy them from my own living room. Underwater-life is breathtakingly beautiful and fascinating to watch.

Did you know that over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water and 97% of that water is in our oceans. Yet most people don’t have the opportunity to experience it unless visiting an aquarium.

My mission is to share with you some of the splendor that lies beneath our oceans so that you too can see the seas through my photographs! I also will be highlighting some of the most spectacular and memorable experiences from these amazing travel destinations including the local cuisine – I am somewhat of a foodie too!

Like everything else on our planet, our oceans are changing. Let’s love our planet and our oceans! We will protect what we love.

About my photography:

As an amateur underwater photographer, I use a compact system, namely a Sony RX100II outfitted in a Nautilus housing with a Sea & Sea strobe on an Ultralite arm and a Sola focus light on the Nauticam.

Compared to big systems that pros use (and likewise other amateurs), it’s pretty basic, yet quite functional. The camera allows me to capture RAW images, and with the strobe TTL lighting. The lens is fairly wide angle so it’s great for capturing underwater scenes. Macro images, on the other hand, require some skill for very close capture and even a flip diopter which I try to use on occasion. For now, I like using a fairly small system for a couple of reasons, one being maneuverability underwater. And with baggage limits on planes now, it is so much easier to accommodate for travel. Also, I don’t have to guess which lens, macro or wide angle, to put on my system before a dive, only to find out that I chose the wrong lens for the underwater life. (I’ve heard that complaint many times from my companions using big systems.) So that being said, my images aren’t of the same quality as theirs. But that makes me want to work even harder to keep improving my skills. And I only do minimal post-processing as well, so my images are pretty much like the eye sees (with the additional strobe light) rather than being enhanced.

I hope you enjoy the photographs and the stories! Please share your comments and my blog!