Wonder in Wakatobi

We visited Wakatobi in June 2018. You can read more about our trip on another page, Our Wakatobi Experience,  Remote and Refined:  https://underwatersplendor.com/our-wakatobi-experience-remote-and-refined/  

There we experienced amazing diving in a pristine remote location! Over the course of two weeks, we took in 37 dives, and with only a couple of repeat dive sites. We didn’t mind repeating these dive sites- there was so much to see, we realized we couldn’t see it all in a single 70min dive. Water was typically 78-81F according to our dive computers, with a few mild thermoclines on occasion. I took a record number of photos on this trip; I think the count was about 2000!

Share your comments about these photos! What’s your favorite?

Green sea turtle
reef scene
black blotch pufferfish
blackspotted pufferfish
white spotted pufferfish
golden spadefish
pyjama cardinalfish
dwarf hawkfish
Meyer’s butterflyfish
spot banded butterflyfish
pair of blue-girdled angelfish
six-banded angelfish
pennant bannerfish
coral sea snake
giant moray eel
flathead crocodilefish
tassled scorpionfish
hairy squat crab
peacock shrimp
orangutang crab and tosa shrimp in bubble coral
spearing mantis shrimp
porcelain crab
slipper lobster
robe hem nudibranch
egg case, possibly robe hem nudi
nudibranch Jorunna funebris
nudibranch Chromodoris magnifica
jeweled seastar
warty seastar
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