Little Cayman- The Wall and the South Side

Most divers are familiar with the Bloody Bay Wall which drops down several thousands of feet off the northwest side of Little Cayman.  There are fantastic swim throughs on your way to the wall, then with the clarity of the blue water, you can appreciate the tapestry of colors on the wall and the visibility out into the blue, making it truly spectacular diving.

During a trip to Little Cayman in March 2018, we had an opportunity to dive the beloved wall and also the south side of the island.  On a couple of days, the island was experiencing some northerly winds and chop so rather than fight it on the wall, we headed to the south.  There off the south shore, we encountered a lot of juvenile fish schooling amongst the corals.  As you know, sometimes juveniles bare little resemblance to the adults, having even more striking colors and patterns. Here are a few pictures taken during that trip.  It was a real treat to explore some of these lesser dived areas and hunt  for the little stuff. These pics are from both the wall and the south side.

Share your comments- can you guess which photos were taken on the south side?

spawning sponge
feather dusters
flamingo tongue
hawksbill turtle
juvenile french angel
queen angel
school of grunts
spawning sponge
dive boat
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